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Welcome to Beyond Sculpting, a state-of-the-art body-contouring center specializing in high-definition liposuction and natural fat transfer augmentations of the breasts and buttocks. At Beyond Sculpting we use only the safest, most effective technology available in the industry to achieve the best possible treatment results for our patients, without the risks.

If you can pinch it, we can treat it. Whether you are looking to have spot treatments of localized fat deposits that you just can’t get rid of with diet and exercise alone, or looking for a complete body makeover, Beyond Sculpting will create a personalized treatment plan just for you.

We are committed to providing the absolute highest possible standard of care for each of our patients. For us, it starts with providing a welcoming and compassionate environment for patients to feel safe and comfortable discussing their treatment options. Our caring providers and staff are experts and go the extra mile in listening to each patient’s personal goals to ensure we develop the best treatment plan together. As a patient, your needs and concerns are our top priority!


Dr Alan Darush is a board-certified physician and co-founder of Beyond Sculpting and has been performing high-definition body sculpting treatments for over 10 years. Dr Darush’s keen aesthetic eye, attention to detail and incredible bedside manner have patients seeking him out from all over the country. He is known for his aesthetically pleasing sculpting and fat transfer with the latest HD vibration assisted liposuction. Dr. Darush has been performing and training other physicians at New Skin Laser Center. Helping and supporting physicians in the latest technology with in-office procedures with minimal downtime. Please see Liposuction Training Curriculum and you may sign up for our next training session.

Jeff Nattkemper, business development consultant and co-founder of Beyond Sculpting has proctored and trained hundreds of physicians in liposuction, fat transfer and the secrets to operating successful medical aesthetics practices for the past decade. Starting as a sales representative for a leading liposuction device company, Jeff worked his way through the ranks becoming a Regional Manager and National trainer, proctoring physicians across the US during liposuction cases.

Jeff’s specialized expertise in tumescent liposuction and management evolved as a business development consultant and Regional Manager of a national brand of clinics, where he was directly responsible for the success of as many as 11 clinics nationwide. Jeff consistently receives rave reviews for his positive attitude, thoroughness, patience and support for providers and staff throughout the training process, and for making patients feel relaxed and comfortable during their treatments.  

Beyond Sculpting is a Training Center for Physicians

Beyond Sculpting is also a training center that provides a higher standard of liposuction and fat transfer training and certification for physicians. As the only body-contouring center of its kind, we offer comprehensive training that is unmatched anywhere in the industry. As a physician in our course, you will receive didactic, hands-on training and proctoring on your own cases. We have hand selected the latest advancement in liposuction technology, that not only produces the highest yield with the lowest risks, but it also levels the playing field between experienced surgeons with older technology and our most recently trained medical providers. Time and time again our providers are achieving better results than their competitors from their very first cases!

Our treatments are performed effectively under local, not general anesthesia. This reduces the risks and costs for our patients and the technology provides an added analgesic benefit, allowing patients to be even more comfortable during their treatments and providers can stay focused on the best possible results.

Opportunities for Physicians

In addition to being a top-tier liposuction and fat transfer training program, Beyond Sculpting provides unique opportunities for physicians to get to work without the exorbitant costs of purchasing expensive equipment, supplies, build-outs, etc. After earning certification, physicians can bring their patients to the Beyond Sculpting center to perform their treatments. Beyond Sculpting provides everything necessary for the treatments including the treatment room, treatment supplies, liposuction device, instrumentation and ongoing support. There has never been a lower barrier to entry for physicians to get into this exciting and rewarding business of helping people feel better about themselves. 

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Our technique re-inserts your own natural fat back into the body rather than inserting saline bags/silicone. Therefore, no future surgeries are required to maintain results.

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