High Definition Liposuction


At Beyond Sculpting, we have the latest German Engineering technology to reduce the harsh aspects of the traditional liposuction.

All liposuctions are performed under Local Anesthesia with oral sedation for your comfort.

Things to know


Is the treatment safe?

Our latest advancement in body sculpting technology, unlike alternatives, allows us to offer a minimally invasive liposuction that doesn’t cut, tear, heat or freeze the surrounding tissue. Because the process is so gentle, the procedure is comfortable enough to be done with oral medication and local anesthetic only, without general anesthesia. These two distinctions eliminate all risk associated with other body sculpting services (which include anesthetic toxicity, perforation, tissue damage, burns, and implant rejection) to offer a completely safe, in-office procedure with no complications.


Is the treatment painful?

At Beyond Sculpting we offer minimal invasive liposuction with local anesthesia which is very gentle and easy on your body. We have a technology today that it has become extremely easy to perform the procedure with minimal to no pain. Most People walk on their own right after the procedure and mostly are able to work within 24 hours. It has become very easy and comfortable to carry on with your daily lift. We Actually recommend exercising within 48 hours from the procedure. 


How many treatments are required?

Because our treatment so effectively removes unwanted fat, only one treatment is typically required to achieve a beautiful, natural-looking result. During your free consultation, the Treatment Coordinator (in coordination with your Provider) will take your size and body-contouring goals into consideration as they determine if multiple treatments may be beneficial.


How long does recovery take?

Because Beyond Sculpting utilizes self propelling liposuction, the recovery is easy as the physician does not use force to perform the procedure which tends to tear, rip or damage underlying tissue. Body sculpting self propelling mechanism eliminates the forced or harsh techniques used in the traditional liposuction. Compared to the alternative’s average of two weeks, Beyond Sculpting’s patients generally return to everyday activity within 48 hours. Traditional liposuction is so harsh that a drainage tube is required to drain the fluids and blood. With BeyondSculpting, no drainage tube or accessories are used at all. You may take a shower within 24 hours.


What kinds of results can patients expect?

Our liposculpture technology offers results far better than any other service of the industry. It not only allows for fat removal and transfer, but an amazing sculpting and reshaping of the body to deliver beautiful, natural-looking results. Not only does it far surpass alternative procedures as it avoids tissue damage, but it actually promotes tissue repair and subsequent collagen synthesis, causing skin to tighten for a smooth appearance post-treatment. 


Will the treatment cause scarring?

Our treatment is so minimally invasive (no cutting or sutures required) that only several freckle-sized entry point of the liposuction device are noted; those will generally be undetectable upon healing. Topical lotion helps with the healing process.  


Will the treatment cause skin sagging requiring Tummy Tuck?

No Tummy Tuck is needed. As you lose a significant amount of fat, space is created between your skin and the muscular wall. Since our technology does not use force which tends to tear, rip and damage the underlying tissue: therefore, it actually stimulates the skin for collagen production to give you the smooth contoured skin retraction without the need for tummy tuck. With alternative body sculpting procedures (because the skin is unable to very successfully re-adhere to the muscle), you will be left with a loose, sagging appearance ultimately requiring tummy tuck as well.  


What if patient’s gain weight after treatment?

Fat cells will not readily increase or decrease in post-adolescence; they will die and be replaced at roughly the same rate. Therefore, the body is unlikely to replace fat cells permanently removed during the procedure. Individual fat cells remaining in areas treated are capable of shrinking or swelling in response to diet and exercise. So, while the procedure makes the body far less susceptible to weight fluctuation in areas treated, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is still important. Therefore, if your lifestyle is maintained, results will be permanent. 


Is there a weight limit? Can patients be too big?

Beyond Sculpting offers the only FDA-approved body sculpting treatment without a BMI limitation therefore we can treat anyone of any size. During your free consultation, your Provider will take your size into consideration to determine what kind of size-reduction results Beyond Sculpting can offer you.

We are the only technology where even models tend to have the procedure to contour their body and or for natural fat transfer purposes. 


Should I try to lose weight before receiving treatment?

No that is not recommended. As you lose a significant amount of fat, space is created between your skin and the muscular wall. It is recommended that you start with a Fun Sculpting tx prior to starting your weight loss goals. With alternative body sculpting procedures (because the skin is unable to very successfully re-adhere to the muscle), you will be left with a loose, sagging appearance. Due to the fact that our treatment so effectively stimulates tissue retraction and collagen synthesis while not destroying existing fascia bands it not only prevents hanging skin, but also promotes tightening to create a smooth appearance. Fun Sculpting has been shown to increase metabolism, effectively putting your body into a state more conducive to inch loss post treatment. Many of our patients have felt reluctance in pursuing treatment prior to weight loss only to find that Fun Sculpting has helped them continue to lose inches, post treatment.


At what age can patients have this procedure performed?

Provided all physical criteria is met for liposuction candidacy, liposuction can technically be performed on anyone 16 – 80 years old. (18 is preferred) However, skin elasticity is a primary consideration when performing treatment. As one’s age advances, skin elasticity gets increasingly weaker. After 18 you lose fibroblast elasticity (1% per year of age of age progression). 


Is it better to have this procedure before or after pregnancy?

Typically, it's better to have the procedure done before because of all the health benefits for the baby as well as skin elasticity being at its best. Breast tissue is going to shrink so breast augmentation is actually better to have done after having a baby. However, there are no significant health risks to getting a natural fat transfer done prior to being done having kids. It also does not affect the ability to breastfeed.


Are there any side effects?

Minor side effects will accompany this procedure, such as bruising, swelling, numbness, and itching. These are very temporary and will likely resolve in the first several days after surgery.


How much does liposuction cost

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