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Why do I need to wear compression? What is the abdominal binder/ace bandage for?

Once the procedure is done, the fat that separated the skin and the muscle wall is no longer there, leaving the skin to hang loose from the body. The abdominal binder/ace bandage is the key to having that now loose skin tightening up. The white connective tissue called the fascia is now loose and will tighten over the next 90 days. The skin wants to re-adhere to the path of least resistance, this is the key reason why the compression is critical.


How tight should I make the abdominal binder or ace bandages?

You should make it tight enough so that when you put two fingers in the garment is should make a snapping sound when you remove your fingers. If you cannot get your two fingers underneath the garment it is defiantly too tight. 


What is the purpose of the abdominal binder/ace bandage?

The abdominal binder/ace bandage is central to the skin retraction portion of the healing process. Without it, the patient will have subpar results. 50 % of the results come from tightening and 50% is from taking out adipose tissue. Both are critical for the outcome of success. 


How long should I wear my abdominal binder or compression garment?

We suggest wearing your abdominal binder or compression garment 24 hours a day for the first 2 weeks, except while showering. 
Weeks 3-4 we suggest that you wear it during the day, and then remove it when you go to sleep. The reason why we suggest this is that it helps improve circulation at night during week 3-4 and while laying down gravity is not in full effect. 


Do I have to wear my garment doing workouts or running?

Yes, it is essential you wear it for 24 hours daily for the first 2 weeks (excluding 30-minute showers). And then during the entire day for week 3-4


Can I wear a shirt or something thin underneath my abdominal binder/ace bandage? It is starting to bind and make me itchy and uncomfortable. 

Yes! As long as the shirt isn’t too thick and you are able to sufficiently apply the garment tight, that is fine. We want to ensure your comfort while recovering. (Other suggestions: ace bandage, lipo foam, lipo board, etc.)


How seriously should I take the instruction ‘wear it for 24 hours two weeks then 12 hours the next two weeks’?

If the abdominal binder/ace bandage is not worn as instructed skin retraction will be diminished and the overall result of tightening and healing will be compromised and the final aesthetic outcome of the tx will be compromised.


Can I have massage? Do I have to wear my garment during my lymphatic massage?

Yes, you can have a massage, but we recommend focusing on a lymphatic massage.

No, you should take off the garment during a lymphatic massage. 

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